Meet Taiwo Akerele

Taiwo Akerele from his school days saw early, the need for the rights of the common man to be protected in all societies, hence his active participation in Civil Society Organization activities till today. Also dear to his heart, is the quest for equal opportunities and platform provision from every government, to the opportuned and challenged, because he feels a level platform brings out the best out of serious minded people no matter their background. This mindset of fairness, equality and charity, has been his driving force through his career also. Taiwo has been seasoned for the current roles he serves in. Through his days as student in Nigerian and American tetiary institutions, to the years as a banker in various commercial banks, as well as World Bank coordinator for specific interventions in Edo state, to political offices like SSA to Comrade Adams Oshiomhole on policy and economy, and now the chief of staff to Governor Godwin Obaseki, where he assists the governor in critical assignments towards the vision of bringing Edo state up to speed with modern states.

Accomplishments & Projects till date

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